Jakarta International Customer Service Institute (JICSI)

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Bilingual Customer Service representative

Job Summary

Bilingual Customer Service Representatives field questions, concerns, and suggestions from clients, with the overarching aim of retaining their business. Bilingual Customer Service Representatives ought to be proficient in two stipulated languages.

To be successful as a Bilingual Customer Service Representative, you should exude confidence and composure when assisting customers. Ultimately, an excellent Bilingual Customer Service Representative will continuously brainstorm ways to provide a more pleasant and efficient service to our customers.


  • Memorizing the prices and features of each offering.
  • Confirming customers’ language preferences as you assist them.
  • Addressing queries, complaints, and recommendations furnished by customers.
  • Redirecting customers to the pertinent department, if needed.
  • Deferring to management in instances of uncertainty.
  • Processing exchanges and refunds in ways congruent with our policies.
  • Providing customers with details of supplementary products or services that may suit their needs.
  • Monitoring call and mail histories to ensure that all customers have been assisted.
  • Searching for commonalities in customer feedback to inform recommendations regarding our offerings.
  • Administering and receiving customer surveys on occasion.


  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent.
  • Proven experience as a Customer Service Representative, Customer Support Representative, or similar.
  • Experience using both languages in a professional capacity is preferred.
  • Exceptional verbal communication skills in both specified languages.
  • Computer literate.
  • Ability to craft professional emails.
  • Active listening skills and attention to minutiae.
  • Solid awareness of your skill set and willingness to refer customers for help, as needed.
  • Professional, courteous, and forbearing.
  • Well-groomed and neat in appearance.